There are many out there who believe that giving cash as a birthday present to their grandchildren is the best solution as they can buy exactly what they want. They argue that cash is something that every child can use, thus eliminating the idea of buying them the “wrong” present .

Even though there are merits to this argument, I feel that giving grandchildren an actual present is much more thoughtful than merely giving them cash. There are a few reasons why I believe this to be true and why I completely refuse to give my grandchildren cash for their birthday.

One of the main reasons why I opt for giving a present is because of the sentiment of picking something personal. Giving someone a gift entails that they put in thought into getting the perfect item for you. It displays a sense of affection and appreciation since the child will feel like they, and their personality, are valued. There is nothing better than the smile they give you when you give them something they really appreciate.

Presents are also a way through which you can encourage learning. Especially for younger children, you can give them presents that enhance their intellectual capabilities. You can even help them hone their interests and expertise through specific gifts. For instance, lots of toys for younger children come with learning benefits.

Moreover giving a present means you have taken the time to consider what the person who is receiving the gift actually wants. It does not have to be the most extravagant item or even the trendiest, it just has to be something that the grandchild will appreciate, like and use as much as possible.

Lastly, when you give cash to your grandchild, you are encouraging an unhealthy habit. They may start to always expect cash as presents, and even worse, start to expect a certain amount of money each time its their birthday. It also really does not help them appreciate the value of money if it is just given to them everytime its their birthday or at Christmas. Far better for them to earn money, by doing odd jobs round the house such as washing the car for example.