If you have been following the story of Steven Avery, the man accused of the murder of Theresa Halbach, and the epicenter of the infamous docuseries on the Netflix, Making a Murderer, you may have seen his name making its way back into your feeds and into conversations at work across the company. The rise again into the limelight is due to new evidence. A prisoner currently serving time in Wisconsin wrote a letter confessing to the murder of Theresa. If true, that letter blows the whole case open, and Steven Avery claims that he has been wrongfully imprisoned will finally be believed. (If you or a loved one have been imprisoned wrongfully, head to the link for more information). 

If you are expecting massive movements to happen surrounding the case, you may want to relax, however. Kathleen Zellner, Steven Avery’s famous lead attorney, believes it is just a ploy for money and attention. This is the woman that has been tearing chunks out of the American legal system for years. If she believes it is a hoax, you are probably right to listen. 

If you are in the dark about the incarceration situation, let me condense it for you here. 

Steven Avery owned a salvage yard in Wisconsin. On the day she was killed, Halbach visited the Avery household, and she was there to take a photo of a vehicle for Auto Trader. Her remains were later found in a burning pit at the back of the yard. During the supposed murder, Steven’s 16-year-old nephew, Brendan, was with him at the time.

They were both convicted for murder. During the initial arrests, Brendan was coerced by the police to say he took part in the killing. He had mental problems and it was later found that the detectives used mind tricks to take advantage of him and forced him to admit his part in a crime he did not commit. They interviewed him without a lawyer, and during the interview, he was even heard asking if he would be late to school. He was obviously unsure of his actions.

Because of this, back in 2016, the case for Dasseys mistreatment went to the Seventh Circuit. In 2018 the supreme court simply refused to even look at the case.

Currently, both Steven and his nephew are still in prison. 

The man who has confessed is a man called Joseph Evans. He is currently in prison because he was convicted of the murder of his wife back in 2009. The suspect thing is that he has already approached a documentary maker who is creating a series called Convicting a Murderer. 

The man making this new series, Shawn Rech, says he has been corresponding with Evans for over a year and a half. And his morals meant that he had to pass the confession over to the authorities to check.

We aren’t quite sure what to make of this new update, but if, like us, you love Making a Murderer, I’m sure you can wait to see the new series.